Organicmill – Organic Makeup brand

Hello Lovely !

I am enjoying the monsoon here in Mumbai ! I hope you are enjoying the weather on your side as well. I wanted to ask you if you have ever read the amount of chemicals on the back of the makeup you use daily ? Some of them contain parabens and SLS too .This can be harmful to our body on the long run .

I came across the brand Organicmill who have organic makeup and skincare.The concept is so unique and interesting .It made me try the product and review them for you lovelies .



It is made up of thick sturdy plastic with a secure lid along with a white covering for hygiene purposes .The package I received was secured in a cardboard box. All the 4 products were carefully bubble wrapped and reached me intact without any damage. Once while doing my makeup I accidentally twisted the compact’s lid and it broke.


I got a total of 4 Organic Makeup products .

Organicmill Compact Powder(SPF – 30)



The compact powder retails for INR 500 and you get 20 grams of product .This is quite pricey but you need the tiniest amount of product .It comes with a customized option for the golden shimmer .I got the one with illumination hence mine came with golden glow particles.It does contain Zinc oxide and Mineral mica.However it gives a brightening effect on the skin.It is best when used as a translucent powder to set your under eye concealer , bake your face.The powder is fine but does not cling to dry patches. I use the real techniques blending brush to apply the powder on my face.You must always do a patch test before using the product. It has a shelf life of 6 months and you need to store it in the fridge for retaining the composition of the product.

Organicmill Lip Gloss


The lip gloss retails for INR 300 and you get 10 grams of the product .It contains amazing ingredients like avocado oil ,wheatgerm oil ,Shea butter ,mineral mica and vitamin E . All of these ingredients are beneficial for the lips and nourish your lips by preventing them from cracking (since it has Shea butter).It gives a nice pinky holographic look to the lip perfect for a dry lip girl like me.For best results pair this with a vibrant lipstick and lip liner. To make you lips pop you must apply this in the center of your lips.The scent is not the best but the product works amazing in nourishing the lips.

Organicmill Eyeliner


The eyeliner retails for INR 300 and you get 10 grams of product.It contains Almond ash,Shea butter.Vitamin E ,Almond Oil,Aloe Vera,Essential oil.It has a silver tint with small glitter particles.The eyeliner can be used as an eyeshadow. The eyeliner is a bit chunky and difficult to apply .You must use an eyeshadow primer and black eyeshadow to set it which is a cumbersome process.You can use this to create a smokey eye with a tapered blending brush.

Organicmill Makeup Remover Pads


The wipes retail for INR 350 for 20 pads . It contains Aloe Vera ,Hydrosols ,Vitamin E,Coconut oil ,Essential oils.The wipes are quite pricey but they are potent.You can use the solution for 5 extra pads .It smells amazing and takes away the most difficult makeup.The wipes have a lovely citrus smell .They are a boon to sensitive skin person like me .The ingredients will not dry out your skin .They are moisturizing and nourishing to the skin.It removes makeup in a jiffy and does not sting the eyes at all.You can dip the solution in a q tip and clean any mistakes in your eye makeup .

You must store the eyeliner,compact and eyeliner in the fridge.The pricing is a bit expensive but the ingredients used are of the utmost quality.The makeup is perfect for people suffering from skin conditions like acne,rosacea etc. ,  as it wont breakout your skin. You must give a shot to the compact for baking and highlighting your face.

Stay tuned for a video review coming your way for these products !

Love you all !



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