SkinCafe Lip Care Combo Review

Hello Beautiful !

I hope you are rocking the gorgeous tan and your favorite summer outfits !

Imagine that you are in a bakery to purchase your favorite dessert .All of a sudden the bakery closes .How amazing would it be if your lip balm ,face pack .face balm, Lip scrub could all smell like your favorite dessert ?

All of your sweet needs are satiated by the Headcrafters Skin Cafe .They manufacture the best which are paraben free ,cruelty free and 100% organic.All the raw materials are vegan ,plant based organic .The main highlight of the product is that your order is customized and manufactured fresh for you.The product is delivered to you in less than 15 days time.


They do not send you old products.Your orders are specifically and freshly manufactured for you . The product which I wanted to share with you is the Lip Care combo.I am a person with dry lips .So I was looking for a highly nourishing and moisturizing lip care product. Just like me If you love wearing liquid lipsticks ,you will love this lip care combo .I follow a 3 step routine for hydrating my lips –

Step 1

Banish the dry flakey Skin



For this I use the tiramisu lip scrub in the spatula given .Then I thoroughly scrub my skin.Sometimes I have whiteheads on my lips .This scrub helps me get rid of them and the smell of fresh coffee is refreshing.You can scrub your lips in the morning as you brush your teeth.

Step 2

Nourish your lips


This is one of my favorite steps.I love the smell of vanilla.Whenever I crave for a pastry I reach out to this Vanilla creme brulee lip balm .It nourishes my lips and stays for a long time .Once it stayed onto my lips even after I had showered which is astounding.You can apply this before going to bed and wake up with moisturized lips in the morning.This product is a boon for a dry lip girl like me .

Step 3

Flaunt the Natural Lip tint


The naturally gradient pink stained look is a popular Korean trend.The Berry Cheesecake lip stain is a perfect product.I wanted my lip tint to be extra pigmented .It has an amazing fragrance which stays.You would want to eat it instead of applying it .It gives a natural stain your lips which looks pretty and stays for 3-4 hours.It gives a sheer look and keeps the lips hydrated at the same time .You can also use it on your eyelids to sport the glossy lids trend too.


The lip kit was securely delivered to me in a bubble wrap and cardboard box.The lip care combo came in a pastel green colored box enclosed in a mesh bag and a spatula.The plastic is sturdy and of good quality.It is travel friendly and fits in the tiniest of the clutch bags.



You get three products ie. Lip balm ,Lip scrub,Lip stain of 3 grams each.The product is of high quality and smells divine.You pay INR 1000 for the lip care combo.Due to the fine quality  ingredients and vegan raw materials the product is pricey but it is a good investment for healthy looking lips .You can use this daily in your night care routine if you have flakey lips and wear liquid lipsticks often.The lip care combo by Skin Cafe is as good as high end lip balms and worth the splurge.You can order it here –—customised-id-2425390.html

Stay tuned for more reviews coming your way and comment below with your favorite lip care products below!

Love you all !



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