3 Multi Functional products you need from Aaranya

Hello Everyone !

I am always on the lookout for natural and affordable brands for skincare.One of them is Aaranya .

About the brand

The meaning of the word Aaranya is translated from sanskrit word for girl.It also signifies a plentiful forest which goes well with the natural ideology of the brand.Aaranya has a fusion of skincare and technology.Their key aim is to rectify specific skin /hair problems like discoloration,ageing ,hair fall,acne.Then nourish them with nutrients extracted from amino fruit acids and ayurvedic herbs.They are proudly made in India.Their intensive research and development is carried out in Canada ,Ontario.They are manufactured and marketed by Vedic Natural care.I always recommend you all to use natural products than harming your skin with chemical loaded products.

These are their 3 multi-functional products-

Aaranya Hand and Body Lotion (Moringa Oil )


Key Ingredients – Purified Water,Coconut oil,Moringa oil,Emulsifying wax,Cetyl Alcohol,Shea Butter,Vitamin E.

Shelf life – 3 years

How to use – Apply on the desired areas after bath and massage.For extra dry skin apply more layers of cream.

Packaging – I love the pump bottle of the lotion.It is made of good quality plastic and comes with a stopper clip which can be used for travelling.

Product- The product is versatile as it can be applied on both hands and body.It has a potent fragrance which lingers for 2-3 hours.The scent is fresh and citrusy which lifts your mood.Its consistency is lightweight in texture and sinks in the skin quickly.It does not give an oily or greasy look but moisturises fairly.It is good for moisturising dry cuticles as well.The moringa oil acts as an anti pollutant and protects the skin from pollution damage.It is good to apply both during day and night.The fragrance has more of a spring summer vibe to it.You 225 ml for INR 445 which is decent for the quality of product you get.You can always get discounts on amazon.

Link to purchase – http://aaranyaa.in/portfolio-item/aaranyaa-moringa-oil-body-lotion/

I would like to rate this product 3.5/5 .

Aaranya Sea buckthorn shampoo+conditioner


Key Ingredients – Purified water,Sea Buckthorn oil,Glycerin,Reetha Extract,Ashwagandha extract,Cedrus Atlantica Oil.

Shelf Life- 3 years

How to use- Wet your hair in water and massage coin size amount on you scalp and remaining lather on the mid lengths.Let it stay for 2-3 mins and rinse thoroughly.

Packaging – It comes with a clear plastic bottle with a sturdy lid with good quality plastic.

Product -I am always on the lookout for natural sulphate free shampoos to tame my frizzy mane.The Aaranya Sea Buckthorn Shampoo is my perfect match.The fragrance of the products reminds me of baby products.It is pure and gentle.I like to use this shampoo when my hair is greasy from the pollutants.I have naturally wavy and curly hair .As I use this shampoo my hair becomes really soft and bouncy. Natural ingredients like Reetha (for shine and softness)and ashwagandha (reduces premature greying,stimulates hair follicles) are the secret of Indian queens for thick hair.It is a boon for people looking for voluminous soft hair which are manageable.I would advise you to use it twice a week for the best results.It cleans the scalp without irritating it.Since the shampoo is natural and makes my hair super soft it multi-tasks as a conditioner too.You get 250ml for INR 445 which is a good quantity for a sulphate free natural shampoo.

Link to buy – http://aaranyaa.in/portfolio-item/aaranyaa-sulphate-free-seabuckthorn-shampoo/

I would like to give it 3.5/5 rating.


Aaranya Argan oil Hair pack+mask


Key Ingredients – Purified water ,Cetearyl Alcohol,Argan Oil.Amla extract,Bhringraj extract,Shikakai Extract,Guar Gum,Vitamin E,Green Tea extract,Citric Acid.

Shelf Life – 3 years

How to use – I use this product for doing hair spa at home .I mix about two tablespoons of the cream with 2 Vitamin E capsules for the hair.Mix both the ingredients in a glass bowl and apply on the mid lengths to ends.You can do hair spa treatment twice a week.For details of how to do a quick hair spa at home watch this video now.

Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiG5aruPGbQ

Packaging – It comes in a plastic white tub with two lids one outer lid and inner cover for freshness and hygiene of the product.

Product-A hair spa treatment per week keeps the frizz at bay.I love the consistency of the product and how well it works with dry hair .The rich ayurvedic ingredients like shikakai(good for treating dandruff naturally),amla(perfect natural hair conditioner),bhringraj(good for hair growth) work like magic.I used it on my mom and she absolutely loved the results.The cream did wonders to her hair and gave life back to them.It did not cause any hair fall during application.The baby hairs were tamed and frizziness was at bay.I love the scent of the product and it keeps your hair fresh for 2-3 days.You get 250 ml of product for INR 445 which is amazing for a good quality hair pack.You can also use this product as a hair mask as well .If you would like to see the whole process and results of this hair spa head over to highlights on my instagram page .link – https://www.instagram.com/fianafashionforward/

To get the best results use the product twice a week and use a warm towel or steam for maximum penetration of product into the hair follicles.You can buy the product here – http://aaranyaa.in/portfolio-item/aaranyaa-hair-pack-argan-oil-spa-at-home/

I would give this product 4.5/5 .


I had an enriching experience with Aaranya products.I would recommend these products to all of you lovely aaranya (girls) out there. If I had to choose one I would love to go for the Argan oil hair pack.Stay blessed and enjoy the holiday season .Stay tuned for more posts coming your way.

Love you all !







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