3 natural D.I.Ys ft. Organixmantra essential oils

Hello Everyone !

Today’s world is full of pollution and grime .These toxins enter our body and affects our skin and hair gravely .We often tend to spend humongous amounts of money at doctors to treat these issues .Those medicines have side effects on our body and ham us on the long run.

Today I am going to let out a secret.That is incorporating a boon called essential oils in our daily routine.This will not only replenish your skin and hair but promote the overall well being of the body.I got the chance to try essential oils from the brand Organixmantra.They are one of the pioneers in organic essential oils.They capture the true essence of the oil using 100% steam distillation.All of the procedure is natural and organic also made in India which is amazing.

What are essential oils ?

Have you ever inhaled the sweet fragrance of  mogra flower ?If yes then you have experienced the volatile aromatic compounds which give this unique scent to mogra.These molecules are nothing but the essential oils found in the flower,stem etc of the plant,responsible for the protection and pollination of plants.Essential oils have a plethora of uses for beauty regime to body wellness and healthcare practices.

Tea Tree essential oil


Tea tree oil is the most commonly used essential oils.It heralded from Australia extracted from the plant Melealuca Alternifolia .It can be used in a multitude of ways for skincare and haircare.I have dry skin which is prone to allergies so I use a blend of coconut oil and few drops of tea tree oil daily to soothe the redness.This has helped me reduce the itching and flakiness of my skin.For disinfection of bacteria,fungi tea tree oil is beneficial.However it is advised to use tea tree oil with a carrier oil for any purpose.I got the Organixmantra tea tree oil(15 ml) .You can buy it here –https://www.amazon.in/Essential-Natural-undiluted-Therapeutic-Grade/dp/B01MXWIB1T/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1519148601&sr=8-12&keywords=organix+mantra

I also have a DIY remedy for you guys!

DIY Miracle hair oil using 2 ingredients


I have always heard my friends complaining about hair fall,dandruff,itchy scalp etc.So I thought of making a miraculous DIY for you all.For the DIY you will need


Start by warming and mixing both the oils carefully.Do not boil the oils just slight warming would be sufficient.Then massage the oil on the scalp in circular motion for 10-15 minutes .You can also use a head massager to stimulate the scalp.Then dip the Head towel wrap in hot water and wrap your head using the cloth.Leave on till the towel remains warm(15 minutes) and rinse with a natural sulphate free shampoo. Repeat this procedure twice a week for a month for best results.Always do a small patch test in case of any allergies and it is not recommended for pregnant women.


Zero Congest Oil


How often do you have cold when the season changes? Are you the one who always has to cancel meetings due to migraine attack? If your answer was yes for the above questions then worry not.Organixmantra Zero congest oil is here to your rescue.It is a natural blend of Eucalyptus,Lavender,Peppermint and tea tree essential oils.You can actually smell the oil before opening it.I love how relaxed I feel around this oil.So here is a DIY which I would like to share with you all.

DIY Stress relieving balm


We spend copious amounts of money on inhalers and nose clearing sprays which have hazardous chemicals.These chemicals can have hazardous effects on our health and affect our body on the long run.So this natural DIY remedy will have you sorted during colds and blocked sinus.You will need –


Take the vaseline and mix it with 4 drops of the Zero Congest essential oil  in a small bowl.Then store this balm in a clean air tight container.You can use a spatula while applying to avoid any contamination.Always do a small patch test in case of any allergies and it is not recommended for pregnant women.

I personally use this balm whenever I have a headache and feel stressed .You can simply rub the balm on your temples and chest for decongestion during cold.This will also put you to sound sleep after endless use of mobiles and laptops during night.Also those migraine attacks will be at bay when you apply this magical balm.You can increase the amount of balm you make and the quantity of essential oil used.But please don’t go overboard with the oils and don’t apply it without diluting.


Lavender Essential oil


Lavender oil is the pioneer in reducing stress and anxiety.It has antiseptic and antibiotic properties.It has also proved relax the body and mind.Lavender oil has also helped to reduce fever and eliminate skin allergies.

DIY Sleep mist


I have also formulated a DIY mist which can be used in multipurpose ways.

You will need –

Pour both the oils in the spray bottle using a funnel and fill up with water.Then shake the bottle and mix all the ingredients.Your multipurpose mist is ready.You can spray it on your face and pillow too.This mist will calm your senses and put you to sleep.It will also help in purifying the surroundings.Lavender oil mist can be applied on the pulse points of the body to open the chakras and calm your soul.




I love how the Organixmantra essentials oils are so securely packed and delivered on time.I also love the colorful packaging of the oils.Also they came in the best shape and sealed.I love how easily they blend and are natural and organic.They are also a cruelty free and organic brand which is a cause I support.I also like the fact that they are so affordable and you can purchase it comfortably at your home.

I hope you try these natural DIYS which I have made and comment below with your favorite DIY.

Love you all !














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  1. Love this. I like tea tree oil ❤❤😍😍

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    1. fianafashionforward says:

      Thanks 🙂 tea tree is my favorite too 🙂


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