10 hacks using Micellar Water you did not know!

Hello Everyone!

The monsoon is on its full force.So are those pesky skin problems.There is a lot of oil ,grime and pollution in the environment,which gets accumulated on our skin daily.Our hectic lifestyle does not allow us to follow a long skin care routine.So here I have a new skincare product in the market.As soon as Garnier India launched their Micellar water I was thrilled to try it out myself.Let us first know what is micellar water?

What is a Micellar Water?

Micellar Water consists of small particles known as micelles which have a property of attracting oil,dirt and grime.These clean the skin from within and you need not rinse your face after using them.They are so gentle on the skin that they don’t cause any irritation or redness.This makes it suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.Micellar water has been available in India since a long time.Some brands like Bioderma,La Roche-Posay,L’oreal,Maybelline have them.

I am using the newly launched Garnier micellar water which comes in two variants

  • Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water
  • Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water20180506-DSC_017620180506-DSC_0172The Micellar Cleansing water is suggested for milder makeup like base foundation,concealer etc.The oil infused cleansing water is recommended for stubborn makeup like mascara,eyeliner,eyeshadow etc.Both the variants are potent and work pretty well with every skin type.They are clinically tested and suitable for sensitive skin too.

Read on for some amazing hacks which you must try and share with your besties too.

Uses of Micellar Water !

1.Correct Makeup mistakes

When was the last time you were in a hurry and smudged your makeup (me all the time 😛 )? Do not worry I have the perfect solution for you.Take a cotton pad and fold it into half ,dip it in micellar water and gently swipe to correct makeup mistakes.Smudged mascara,patchy eyeshadow it can clean everything with a single swipe.

Remove makeup using a cotton pad
Before and after using the garnier micellar water on my face

2.Turn your eyeliner on fleek

We all have faced the trauma of endless attempts to make our eyeliners razor sharp.But it is a fail most of the time.If you take a Q tip or earbud/cotton pad dipped in micellar water and run it on the edges of the winged eyeliner you can get a sharp defined line.Also any extra eyeliner /mistakes can be easily corrected with this q tip.You can store these q tips in a sealed ziplock bag for future use too.This hack will make sure that your eye makeup is always on fleek 😉 .

Before using the garnier micellar water
Cleaned the rounded tip to get a winged cat eye look


3.Prevent your lipstick from bleeding

Lipstick is every woman’s best friend.At some point of life we all have been guilty of hoarding lipsticks like a pro.There are new formulas of lipstick coming in the market everyday be it liquid lipstick ,lip stain,powder lipstick,metallic lipstick,lip gloss etc.However we all hate bleeding/smudged lipstick.To avoid this makeup mishap take a Q tip with micellar water and clean around the lips to get rid of smudged lipstick.You can get a clean line and a professional pout using this hack.

Clean the edges of the lipstick and avoid bleeding

4.Avoid panda eyes

Who hates being a panda with eye makeup all over our face .That is when our eyeliner ,kajal(kohl) ,mascara smudges with water,crying etc.To prevent that ,you can use a cotton pad dipped in micellar water to get rid of the smudged part and clean those pesky dark panda eyes in a jiffy.



5.On the go cleansing wipes

Ran out of makeup wipes ? Micellar water is here to your rescue. Dip some dry cotton sheets,cotton pads in micellar water and then carry them around in a ziplock bag or an airtight box .You can use them for cleansing your face,refreshing the skin and taking off your makeup too.

Pour a few drops of the micellar water and store it in a clean,dry box or zip lock pouch

To purchase the garnier miceller water click here – https://www.nykaa.com/garnier-skin-naturals-micellar-cleansing-water-free-cotton-pad.html?ptype=product&productId=273119&root=search&sourcepage=listing&searchType=Popular%20Products

So these are some quick tips which will save your time and money.You might be searching for the rest 5 hacks, but stay tuned for the rest of them on my youtube video .Do comment below telling me about your favorite micellar water and which hack was your favorite.

Love you all !


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