Bridal Trousseau:Affordable Picks +Hacks

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A wedding is the most auspicious moment of your lifetime.There are a gamut of emotions going through your mind.A lot of things need to fall in place how you’ve dreamt of them.However you need to don several hats and often end up compromising in several parts.But today I am with an effective yet budget friendly list of products which you need to make a note of.It is not necessary for you to be the bride, anyone and everyone who needs to attend a wedding function can make note of this.

My first post will cover makeup and the other one will look into skincare aspect.

Makeup 101

There are crazy amounts of brands available in the makeup market ,giving a high chance of getting overwhelmed with options.I am going to share some budget friendly yet amazing products which you will actually use all throughout.

Ace the base

We often get tons of products in stores but end up confused about how to choose the perfect base.But let me tell you it’s a very simple task.So the first task is to identify the skin type.This can be checked by judging how your skin looks in the morning as soon as you wake up.

The oily skin family 

Oily skin people wake up with a shiny face in the morning.They must use gel based moisturisers and deep cleaning products.It is utmost important to use a primer before you start .I would recommend a silicone based primer for oily skin-

Colorbar primer

Miss claire primer


Then it should be followed by a foundation .So stick/cake foundations tend to adhere to oily skin better and last longer.Some amazing foundations are-

Colorbar 3in1 stick

Makeup Revolution stick foundation

NYX Foundation


The concealers which are cream based work the best for oily skin.Use makeup wedges to blend creamy concealers-

Maybelline Concealer palette

Dry Skin People 

I belong to the dry skin category and It sucks .You need to apply a good amount of moisturiser before starting makeup .I recommend using a good water based foundation with a beauty sponge using dabbing motion for a flawless finish.The foundations are –

NYX Total Cover Drop foundation

Wet n Wild photofocus foundation

Makeup forever water blend

For concealers, liquids work the best with a good nourishing eye cream.

Wet n Wild concealer

Normal & Combination skin type

The normal skin people can experiment with any primer and foundation combination .For combination skin type I would suggest using a matte primer on the T zone and setting it with a good powder.

Hacks-1) Test the foundation color on your neck and chin and not on hand.In different lighting and flash.

2)Less is more when it comes to usage of foundation.You need to enhance your visage and not shadow it.


Using a bronzer to carve out the cheekbones

The use of bronzers and contours to enhance the features is a must.It should be done in a limit to avoid looking like a muddy face monster .Some good face bronzers/contours are-

Wet n Wild Contouring Palette

LA girl concealer

Kiss Beauty Contour Pallete


Blush,Pink blush
A favorite blush of mine (loreal lucent magique linked below)

I am not a blush person but it is a must for wedding functions and gives life to your face.There are a wide variety of blushes available.You can also use your favorite lipstick on a sponge /brush and dab it on for a DIY custom blusher.I have narrowed down to a few of my favorites.

Wet n Wild Blush

Loreal Blush

Maybelline Blush


Let the highlight pop

One must have a strong highlighting game to enhance the features.It can be done using a light shade of concealer under the eyes followed by powder,liquid highlighter on the cheekbones,nose bridge ,cupids bow ,brow bones and chin.The golden and warm toned highlighters work well with olive undertones and cool toned blue,purple, pinkish highlighters work well with a cool undertone.My favorite highlighters are-

ODBO highlighter

Maybelline Master Chrome

Eye Makeup

Black eyeliner by sephora

Eyes are the windows to your soul.Don’t you want neat and clean windows?So always look out for products which make you feel comfortable.

Eyelash primer is an additional step but makes a lot of difference.However you can use your concealer with a powder instead of it.

Eye definition

Used a sketch pen eyeliner for a sharp wing

Kajal/kohl is every girl’s best friend.You can use a gel eyeliner for longevity aspect.Always make sure you set it with a black eyeshadow to avoid smudging.You can always experiment with a colored eyeliner too.If your eyeliner,gel liner has dried use a few drops of contact lens solution to darken it.If you kajal is not dark enough put it under a hair dryer to revive the pigment.

Plum Kajal

Deborah Milano Kohl

Gel Eyeliner 

Maybelline emerald gel liner

Elenblu blue kohl

I always like a winged eyeliner look for special occasions.But it can get tedious to achieve.However pen eyeliners make liner application a child’s play for me.They look gorgeous with any eyeshadow too.You can always add some blue eyeliner for making your eyes pop.My favorite eyeliners are-

Elenblu Black eyeliner

Maybelline Colossal eyeliner 

Miss claire sparkle eyeliner


brown smokey eyeshadow look

I love good pigmented eyeshadows to define my eyes.One needs to have a strong inclination towards their favorite colors when choosing eyeshadows.My favorite eyeshadow palettes are –

Miss Claire Eyeshadow Pallete 

Makeup Revolution Pallete

Wet n Wild Trio

Freedom PalleteFreedom Pallete


This is a holy grail product when it comes to makeup.A good mascara is your best friend.It’s good to have long and volumizing mascaras handy.Always make sure that you use a waterproof mascara when you have watery eyes.Some of the most iconic mascaras are –

Maybelline lash sensational

Essence Get big lashes

Maybelline Big shot

Eyelashes are always an added icing on the cherry.They give drama to the eyes and adda finishing touch to eye makeup.My favorite eyelashes are

Uro paris eyelashes

Ardell Eyelashes

Pac Eyelashes

Lip Makeup

red lipstick
NYX SMLC in copenhagen

A well-defined lip will take your makeup to the next level.Lip liners are the key to a good pout.A good lip pencil will beautify the shape of your lips whilst keeping the lipstick intact.My favorite lip liners are –

Proarte lip pencil

Miss claire sandy pink lip liner

A girl must always have 3 categories of lipsticks in her vanity-an everyday shade,party shade,fun colors.Dry lip ladies must use a good lip scrub and lip Balm

before applying lipstick.Dab your lips with a tissue and set it with a translucent powder for longevity.My favorite lipsticks are –

Miss Claire smlc

Maybelline lipstick

Essence Lip gloss

NYX Liquid suede Lipstick

Apart from all the makeup I also have some extra items which will help in creating your trousseau box.

Maybelline matte nail paint

Elenblu glitter Nailpaint

Pee safe feminine hygiene wash

Colorbar glitter nailpaint

Body shop rose hand cream

Sally Hansen pink nailpaint

Hair curlers 

Body Shop Shower gel

Makeup Brushes set 

Trousseau Box

Do let me know if you are a makeup junkie like me.Also stay tuned for the skin care part of this series of blogpost.If you would like to watch a beginner friendly makeup look ,here is my video

Have a nice day !











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  1. Varsha Gode says:

    What a lovely and well written post ❤️❤️

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      thank you !I am glad you liked it


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  2. sonal jain says:

    You have minutely covered the details of makeup. Would love a post one something to wear such as Designer lehenga for brides. I mean set of things or pain points while buying one as it’s a lifetime memory

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    1. fianafashionforward says:

      thank you ! I will definitely write about this topic 🙂


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